Tuesday, May 26, 2009

brain fart

sorry but here are some update photos of my little stash cupboard and the singles I have spun up in the past week and a half and some of my handspuns. (it takes so little..oy!)

summer fun--sort of

There is nothing like working with wool in the heat...lol. I began working on my fall wardrobe this past week. One new green gansey out of cascade heather 220 in a dark forest green (love this one--must be the irish side of me) and one bohus style pullover in the green meadow pattern from the book "Poems of color" -- I am using the colorway shown in the book. Other than that I have inherited a new wardrobe from the local thriftshop--knitted alterations applied as needed. Apparently one of the local high schoolers in my size (itty bitty should say it all here folks) apparently is getting new clothes or has found herself -- like 4% of the local HS'ers how do I say this umm.....knocked up. There is nothing wrong with any of these clothes but I have made them mine with a few decorative trims or touches here and there. WOW! now to remember how to shave my legs on a daily basis...LOL! OHHHHHHH!!! got a new camera too so more photos are to follow....(squeals with glee)! Do you have any BIG plans for the summer?