Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what have i done?????!!!

I am downsizing again. One because our lil house is too small. This on the eve of the comment from WH stating "honey what if I built you a lil cabin like storage shed for your hobbies". I must have lit up light a roman candle...due to the fact that earlier that morning I decided on paper to start the 100 Thing Challenge. I don't start it until April 1 but for those of you who don't know what it is either google it or here it is in a nutshell.....learning to live with 100 personal possessions or less for a year or longer. Thankfully this doesn't include shared or household neccesities like the bed, couch, or silverware. Those are grouped differently. My wardrobe will take a small hit...I am not a big clothes or shoe horse. And thankfully my knitting needles count as a group of one. WH has made me a deal that he would build it if I would decide on one or two hobbies...he is leaning toward my writing and colored pencil portraits. I am leaning toward photography and writing. Eitherway I am allowing myself an additional 10 hobby list on which I am including
10 projects (not 10 items) so I am limiting myself to certain yarns in my stash and the rest must go. This thankfully does not count my patterns because they fall in the one library allowance according to the plan. (whew!!) I am however confining myself to two bookshelves. Oy! this is gonna be a long couple of weeks just getting down to 100 things so I can start the challenge. That and one kicka** yard sale!!! I will give you a decent heads up so you can all attend. At this point WH and I are looking at late April or early May. I will have some quilting supplies, maybe leathercraft and scrapbooking along with dyeing and general household items listed. This is a maybe list and certain people have dibbs already on some supplies. I will try to list the items in here or send out flyers for those of you interested please email me or leave your contact info in the comments. Thank you! Now onward to the dresser and the dreaded t-shirt and sock collection....(insert "jaws" theme song here--sigh!)
ps....Great! my sis just called and wants some new potholders....(sniffle and whimpers) That will fall under the gift heading on the challenge! So maybe this wont be too bad! Hmmmmm!!!!