Friday, March 12, 2010

spring break

Well this semester will more than likely be my last for a season or two. School is killing my work A quick overview of the last few weeks is as follows: weekly homework and quizzes -- done, housework -- almost done, dinner ready on time every night -- done, mentor located at the request of our national director -- ummmm well I tried really I did...I scheduled an appointment with our Pastor and went in to see him about getting a mentor set up within our region....30 minutes later I walked out Director of Missions. It is a NEW position in our church....which is a fancy way of saying "I" am building it from the ground up with the hopes of having a team in the field by July 2 and another in the field come December....I don't even finish school till May 9th. In addition to my boss getting a new program system at work that I still need to learn the only good to come out of this so far is lotsa help from some dear friends, good sleep just not enough of it, and a pay raise. No yarn yet....but there is the weekend....LOL! That is just the stash cupboard he knows