Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spring gardening and travels

Whoa....its been a long time since I last posted something in here....partly because (insert lame excuses here) while finishing up my current class I was made Director of Missions at our church. Which is a fancy way of saying as pastor put it...." I know its only April but I want a team in the field by July." Nooooo pressure since I was in the middle of my integrative project anyhow!!! (insane laughter goes here)! Recieved a 99/100 on the project by the way! And my future schedule looks like this...(try not to drool on the wool here puullleezz)!
May 23 shearing with DBinlaw, May 24 funeral in Wichita, May 25 make up day at work for coworker who covered yesterdays shift, May 29-31 Navajo reservation trip to Gallup NM and preaching two sermons (for those of you outta the loop that is a 12 hour drive one way), June 3 DSinlaws bday in Virginia with WH's ex (oh joy!!-pray for this one), June 5-6 run TV camera at church for guest speaker, June 10-11 a mad dash road trip from Ashville NC to Gallup NM with donated paint for mission project, June 18th my baby Junebug turns 20, June 19th Our 6th anniversary, June 20th-23 FCF Int'l conference in Tulsa, June 24-25 Mission conference in Speary OK, July 4th neighbors birthday bash (WH is included), June 12th WH bday!, June 16th-24th Missions trip (with unknown head count as of now)to Smith Lake NM, July 26th-August 14th cover for sweet coworker and bosses wife again, August 14th wedding in Estes Park CO, August 17th DSD anniversary and housewarming in Suffolk VA, August 24th Dental appt in KS (pray again), Sept 2-4 several famliy bdays in Wichita area, and finally Sept.12-14th regional Ministerial mtgs in Omaha NE.......all this in and around a part time job.....LOL!!!!! and they wonder why I throw knitting needles!!! Oh yes THE GARDEN....oh look pretty flowers!!! oh what a pleasant surprise....Santa!!! (WH in drag...lol) and he bought another gift for me....Oct 1-Nov 6th teaching Ministerial training in Gallup.....LOL! Excuse me while I check ebay or etsy for extra needle to throw......(sigh!)