Friday, October 8, 2010

when it just wont go anymore

These past few months have been a blur. Still two more weeks before my life returns to normal, or was that abnormal??? I am finishing arms on the gansey, finished the noro couch blanket last night after days of round and round in circles with my lil fingers moving at lightening speed. It inspired me so much that I went through my entire stash yesterday.....YES even the stuff in the cupboards and inside the I rearranged it according to project. I have a rubbermaid full of sweaters and large projects to finish. One full of sock yarn and a cupboard full of smaller grab and go type of items. Then I have three travel bags, one for the car, one for the truck/roadtrips, and one for my walking. I am taking the gansey with me to New Mexico next week...finished or not!!! I have been asked to do another baby blanket for a relative that is due on Christmas Eve, a stocking hat for a neighbor, and a set of small penguins for WH one for the dash of his truck, one for his keychain, one for his pillow, and one for his cancer surgery this upcoming tuesday! He didn't have a middle name at birth (with 18 other bro & sis I think mama ran out years ago) so our children and the neighbor kids got together and renamed him.....his middle name is Marie, and his nickname taken from the movie Happy Feet is fluffy. Hence the So keep "fluffy marie" in your prayers Oct. 12 and I will keep you informed on how he is doing. This is his second go round with the beast in 7 years so he tells me not to bury him in a Not sure that would help his dancing ability or not????