Monday, October 26, 2009

knit one for me....

What a long, tiresome, adventuresome weekend it was. The car is all-better!(the mechanic said "trust me".) Just a very expensive air filter housing, (slammed the vacation yarn budget). DD is recovering from the flu, and her mama (that would be me misses her). WH is battling clinical depression episode (wifely vigilance keeps me up at night). One of my favorite great uncle's passed away this past week and his funeral is tomorrow.(he was the first to notice and encourage my gift of writing). Six years ago this week I lost my mother-in-law (part of WH issues???) and 10 years ago today I buried what should have been my second husband (pancreatic cancer). On top of all of this wonderful news I attended KIG (knit in Gove day!!!--whew who!)on Saturday and loved it. (Thank you Brad and Sherri for letting me ride along!!! I owe you one, ummm or is that two?). My WH picked me up on the road and we went to the Wallace county German festival (dinner actually-- which after he worked a 8 hr shift i can see why he left my part of the meal laying on the counter at home by accident). My brother in law was expecting 30ish in attendance....we wound up with 100ish (just shy of having to wash After driving home from Sharon Springs (back to Ellis--around 3hrs give or take a time zone) we fell into bed exhausted at 11pm on Saturday (we had gotten up at 4 am). Sunday after WH worked toddler nursery at church and I was unexpectedly called on to run TV camera(on my week off) we had a nice dinner and headed home for our naps (which really means we worked around the house cleaning rabbit pens, doing dishes, laundry, and clearing off the garden until we dropped off into bed at 10:30pm). Having been through all of that my alarm failed to go off this morning and I woke up when I should have been leaving the house. No breakfast, disarrayed and very exhausted I did manage to grab my knitting bag on the way out the door. In order to lower my blood pressure I began a new vest out of cheap hand me down very soft gray acrylic (yes i said it...sigh!). I just got a phone call that WH is contemplating quitting his job of 38yrs because he needs to be home more, (having lived in campgrounds and motels 5 days a week for all of that time i agree). We are soooooo close to having everything paid for (according to budget it will be Christmas of 2010). I am hesitant to let him (pray harder on this one ya'll). Other than that I did become an official Reverend over the weekend which means I can drown you and bury you (baptisms and funerals) but i cant marry you not for at least two more!(school has paid off!!!). So in rememberance of my uncle, and the acheivement of my career please knit one row for me today! (its cheaper than alcohol and mall therapy and saves the rest of the holiday yarn fundage). And while your at it knit one row just because!!!! It will do you good! Trust me!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

snow day!!!

Tomorrow they are calling for nearly 4 inches of the fluffy stuff in my part of the state. Good thing I have the day off, bad thing is I am hunting for DD a new (used) car, and the really bad news is as of a mishap on my way to lunch I am looking for ME a new car now too....bankers love me!!! The only thing this really means is during our upcoming trip to Arizona to see the youngest DSS I will have to behave with the fiber fundage. Gotta luv WH!!! Since all of that was the bad news here is the best news yet...I have been making my YO backward for years. NOW that I know better I have started 4 lace projects...LOL!!! It's a good thing something in life is going right for me otherwise I have asked the bosses permission to line my desktop with a collection of lil bottles of alcohol from the liquor store next door. was either that or pin his remote to the far wall of the office with a #11 knitting needle. The choice was his...LOL!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

WH needs to come home!!

WH seriously needs to come home and clean the furnace.....I was good last week when it froze the garden out on Oct.1 but when I had to scrap ice this morning it was not as pretty. I told him I was gonna light the pilot light on the furnace and turn it on and he replied...."noooo gurl, let me clean it out first, i wanna vacuum it out" (aaarrgghhhh!!!). If he wasnt so dang cute in a do-rag and overalls!!! Oh well, in order to complain about this in here i told myself it would have to include yarn, does the twelve bags of roving and fiber I tucked in the bed with me to make a nest last night count???? if he doesnt make it home tonight all bets with the plastic and LYS are off!!! (evil laughter goes here!!!!).oy!