Thursday, February 18, 2010

rough week calls for down time

Lately with school and various jobs stress is an understatement. I went in for my annual mammo at the beginning of the year and they found a few "new" lumps. So yes take it I was considerably stressed to say the least (not to mention sleep deprived). BP was a little high too. (lumps turned out to be benign as all the others). Not to worry I had come in for my annual doctor run...(all the checkups at once.i.e. physical, cardio-stress, echocardiogram, mammo, and pap eyes and teeth). I am an all or nothing kinda So as I sat down to ready myself for my cardio-stress test I out of habit pulled out the needles and yarn. I kid you not it lowered my BP 20 points in 10 minutes. HMMM!!! Who would have thunk it!!! Now if I could just get them to write my stash off as medication I would be set! Here are some pretties I have been working on: