Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grango socks!

Not a big lizard lover until I got ahold of this yarn!!! Mind you even though my first born was called gecko for years. (more nicknames came along).A set of socks in 3 1/2-4days that is a new record for me!! whew-who! And behold they match!!! (ohhhh ahhhh!).

Monday, February 21, 2011

productive weekend

Had awesome weather and awesome friends over this weekend. My friend Mallory stopped in and we knit on Friday until we woke WH up...lol. He kept falling asleep in his rocker...need I say more? Made a little progress on the blue sweater and began an ankle sock out of Opal sock yarn in the lizard colorway using the Yarn Harlots basic sock pattern only I got near the end of the kitchner stitch and four things happened. 1) I dropped a stitch too soon.(breath deep). 2) After picking up said dropped stitch I twisted it.(sigh) 3) Went to tighten said stitch and broke it.(whimper) and 4) tried it on only to realize it was way too long. (hysterical insane laughter). I tore it out a fifth time clear back to 20st instead of 16 and gathered all together and taadah a sock that fits nicely. (granted and extra hour outta my weekend but hey maybe I should've got the hint the first time...."well i sent a car, boat and a helicopter"--LOLOLOL!!!) I may be slow but I eventually get the hint! Thanks for not striking me dead with lightening or drowning me. (sigh!).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crazy head of mine--no proof needed but here ya go!

since my adventures yesterday and finishing the peach sock earlier today I have just started crocheting with no pattern and look what happened. I understand how knit socks are built and the percentages and the basics of crochet and knitting but poof!! I just looked down at my hands and waaaalllla a purple silky wool sock in 3 hours. I swear somedays I scare myself....poor WH!!!

another one bites the dust!

finally finished the peachy socks! And spent yesterday outside dyeing a few things. There are four of the photos that were a pound of corriedale from yarn school that I had originally dyed yellow and pink that I overdyed in 4oz balls. One was done with chartreuse, one in turquiose, one in deep orange and the last (my personal favorite) chestnut. I also did about 800yds of merino. Tonight I have plans to finish the blue sleeve on the last sweater I have been doing. Then its down to just one thing on needles, one on the hook and two in the repair basket...must be slippin in my old age..lol!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

hope this is good enough

here ya go!!! the first one is a garter stitch ultra alpaca...number two is a pattern called fairhope but I crocheted it instead of knit it in rowans lima third is the blue cascade heathers and is crocheted in single rib thru back loop and done vertically, and the last one is a cascade 220 color that escapes me but the bottom was a knit cowl in k6rows, p6rows, until 20" long I just turned in on its side added a lil single crochet and tada!!! hope this helps! oh and just in case it gets added on this post I have started a queen anne scarf and another baby jacket and am winging them as I go...lol. (WH says flap those wings birdbrain flap those wings!!! do ya think he would be offended if I laid out birdseed on his dinner plate tonight?)