Friday, November 18, 2011

upcoming holidays

Well WH and I have had one of our 4 Christmas's and it was wonderful. We had our Christmas together a little earlier than usual ..... like last night when I finished working at the store...we had the new e-readers and netbooks come in so we decided to splurge on each other and get one of each. The majority of my morning has been spent on the phone with the internet help desk trying to unleach my 5 neighbors systems and add the two new devices. The remainder of my day will be working on the chocolate pullover, doing two meals worth of dishes and figuring what on earth we are having for dinner....sounds rough I know but seeing as how next week is a complete nightmare for those of us who do internet shipping and inventory for a living.....I can deal with it! I will post again soon, provided my cracked fingers ever stop bleeding.

Monday, November 14, 2011


WOW!!! It's been a long time hasn't it. We have been traveling and working all summer and most of the fall. We have been to Arizona where I got to enjoy my annual visit with Lynn at Kiwiknits. And all found a lovely shop on our most recent trip to Wisconson where I found Fiddlehead yarns just a block from the DSD (dear step dtr) rental house. Lake Michigan was cold the desert was beautiful and this past Saturday we actually celebrated Christmas with a neighbor who is headed out of town until after New Years. Work is getting hectic with the holiday shipping so I havent had much down time to knit. However I did have the internet and cable reinstalled at the house for the winter so I am back in the land of I have finished several hats and socks, began some mittens out of a beautiful jeweltone Jitterbug yarn, and am currently working on a crew neck sweater in a stone/chocolate colored Naturespun from Brownsheep. I am loving it more and more as I knit.
As a personal challenge I have decided to knit my way through EZ Knitters workshop between now and next Christmas. So far I am done with the first project, a fairisle hat. Next is a seamless yoke sweater which I am looking forward too!
Other than decorating for Christmas last weekend I have been finishing cleaning out the storage unit and downsizing in the house. I am also excited to have picked up 35# of wool I have processed at the Shepherd's Mill. A couple of 4H demo's were tucked into my summer schedule as well and were very interesting events to participate in.
And now for the grand finale.......wait for it.......I am now the proud owner of a new Majacraft Little Gem 2.......WWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I finally have a new wheel. I have been saving and eyeballing models since fall yarn school of 2008. The first week I had it home I spun four pounds of fiber! It is so relaxing to be able to come home after a long hard day of the shipping dock in the cold north wind and snow (yes we have had snow already) and sit in the rocker and spin. It is the highlight of my day most days. I am also happy to be back online and blogging. I have missed it and all of you so very much! Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week, I will blog again soon!!!