Wednesday, October 17, 2012

another year gone by

wow i cant believe its been nearly a year since i last posted. today i happen to be home ill with a sinus cold. but this last year i have been on a shawl and sock run. sorry i havent uploaded photos yet but i have three new shawls with another on the hook, and five new pairs of socks with two pairs on needles as well as a sweater waiting to be most of my year has been spent training and retraining for new jobs and now that i am back to working full time needle time is hard to find. wh and i have been to arizona to meet a step granddaughter, and virginia to greet our new grandson! (just a note we have nicknamed the grandson Mr. Personality) most of my time has been behind the lense of a camera with all the additions to the family but i havent made the time to upload much. hopefully that will change soon. hope your year has been good and the needles are a clicking!!! toodles for now!
the shawl is aracunia 2 1/4 skiens crocheted. the socks are opal for the multicolor ones, cashmere and silk on the navy, and merino on the lime green ones. hopefully will have the silky wool navy sweater done by halloween!