Friday, July 8, 2011

too hot to breathe

What a whirl-wind these past weeks have been! And before I forget add three more funerals, two weddings, and an upcoming baptism to the list of the last blog! It has been eventful. I am however loving the Helloyarn fiber club! I have resorted back to using my drop spindles and attempting to learn how to spin and walk like most other cultures do. The book "Respect the Spindle" has helped. In addition to spinning wool I have recently learned how to spin cotton! Interweave Press has a wonderful DVD out on the subject. Now that my spindle collection is growing I am in need of another tahkli and an ahka. If any of you know of a great source or an independant designer who makes such creatures please email me!
As most of you can tell I don't make it onto ravelry as much as I would like so those of you dealing with my unGodly amount of favorites please bear with me...our local library has a time usage system with the computers and in light of that I have foregone the luxury of adding tags. Bear with me please!
I am not sure what part of the country you all are in but here in the regions of Western KS USA....its been too hot to breathe! 100+ days for weeks at a stretch are arriving as I type. It has been more humid than usual this year making the nights unbearly steamy and not in a good way! At least when I lived on the coast we had a nice ocean in the gulf winds fly across the prairie making even the trees and vegetation miserable. Don't even get me started on the
For those of you who have also not noticed I have been on a crochet kick that I just cant seem to break! When my ex thought I would wind up a hooker I don't think crochet is what he meant......his Hope you all have a safe, and cooler summer! My merino and silk await a pattern that is lost in the recesses of my mind but will come out as soon as I pick up the for now....enjoy life! I have to go pet the is getting restless!