Monday, January 31, 2011

winter projects

it has been too long since my last post. forgive me....this year however I have taken on a bit of a challenge and I AM WINNING!!! So far this year I have completed a sweater a week....yes you read that right a sweater a week....before you give up on me entirely realize that only one of these is knit the other 3 are crochet.My challenge is to complete 6 sweaters by June and 6 pairs of socks by Christmas. This is all in an effort to destash my cupboards and downsize. The sweaters have made such a dent that I now have all my yarn (except my handspun)in one cupboard. Meanwhile I have also crocheted two baby blankets for the herd of 12 lil girls (and one boy) headed to our extended friends and family between now and August. I will try to get photos posted tomorrow if the weather (-35) permits internet connection. Hope your knitting is going well. Let me know what you have been up too! Oh and to let you all know WH is cancer free!!! whew-who! Thank you for the prayers!!!