Wednesday, April 27, 2011

still downsizing

Working on what I started with the 100 thing challenge. Hence no home internet therefore I must carry my lazy butt up to the post office to post. Not much of a walk (about a mile round trip two if I hit the post office while out) but still takes planning and effort therefore photos will be iffy until June when the city wide garage sales take place. I was a little discouraged when I approached the storage shed out back of the house...16 more boxes to do....8 of craft books, 4 fabric and patterns, 2 dishes, and 2 rug yarn. I see new rugs in my future and another set of potholders for my sisters. Meanwhile why I am frogging the green gansey...yes you read that right my favorite knit in going to be reknit into something that actually fits me! My new work schedule is a bit weird so I have no set time to work on projects like I did at my old job. But none the less I am still crocheting and knitting...and lately I have been dyeing! I actually have 8 fleeces to get to the mill by the weekend and then the garage is done! We have also established a semi-small vineyard on our hillscape of a far we have an arbor and kiwi, elderberry and this weekend raspberry and blackberry bushes--hopefully! Not that exciting to me yet but the fact that WH wants to build me a hobby house is!!!! a little 16x20 chicken coop style hobby house with a porch all my own for just my crafts and hobbies is more than motive enough to continue downsizing so it all fits! Well I am off to the neighbors...she has a knit scarf she needs help fixing stitches on...yarn, needles, color in my hands, homemade food in my belly...yep its gonna be a great day off!!!