Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wow its been too long as always. I will continue to blog in here but to all my ravelry friends I have to let you know to either email me or call me (for the select few who have my cell #) if you would like to buy any of my dyeing equipment. Some difficult decisions had to be made this month. We have discovered we are having two new grandbabies due in the same week in september on opposite ends of the country. We are excited by the prospect of new lil ones but room needs to be made in order for grandma to have a nursery in her home. The dyeing equipment must go. I have two microwaves, three crockpots, buckets, towels, measuring supplies, dyes, jugs for said dyes, active dyes, pans, kettles, and about 30lbs of wool/bamboo roving in boxes,drying racks, and gloves and other paraphanilia as well. I also have numerous pattern books and magazines for knitting, crocheting and weaving available and all of its for sale. For those of you into music I have a Casio keyboard and stand for sale in mint condition. And for those of you who enjoy reading I have a small library that must go, Mostly reference books and cookbooks and Bible reference books. At this point in time I will consider letting some of my stash go if I know it will be used for a good cause. For anyone who is interested please email me or call. I will check this blog weekly for messages. Thank you for all your help! --Grandma D.