Sunday, May 15, 2011

sweet Jesus!

This past week has been a blur. Okay I will attempt to start at the beginning... On Palm Sunday I married a dear Marine friend of mine and his lovely wife. The next day his Grandfather was life flighted to a regional hospital where this past Monday he died. His daughter (mother of the groom) is a dear friend of mine so she leaned on me for support. The day of her fathers wake her ex-hubby (and neighbor) died from self inflicted injuries. His funeral was yesterday. Today I get a call that one of her dads pall-bearers and her first cousin died in his sleep. Please keep this family in your prayers. For those of you not keep track that is 3 deaths and a wedding in the past two weeks in the same immediate family.
On a deeper personal note, on our block alone that makes 5 babies, and 8 deathes that have either directly or indirectly affected my family in 2 weeks time. As a pastor that is part of the job -- this I understand and am dealing with. However on Mothers day while visiting my mama my dear sister, niece and mother discovered that I know how to knit. I have kept this from them for such a long time I don't know what possessed me to blow it now. As a family of 19 (w/spouses and nephews and nieces) out of my dearly beloved Mothers mouth came the following words: "oh so this year for Christmas is everyone gonna get a pair of socks?" The sheer terror of handling life, two jobs, and a household came into immediate perspective as I heard myself utter these two detestable words...."we'll see"!!! It had to have been the yarn fumes....WH looked at me in disbeleif. All I could think to myself is "sweet Jesus what have you done??????" followed by insanely hysterical internal laughter that made me wonder is there even a stinking 19 weeks left in this year? An eldest daughter I am....wonder woman I am not! (please pray for me too!) What is next? imagining moths twitting around my light fixtures? Last time that occured I took out a ceiling fan fixture with a fly-swatter. Now with an afternoon to myself all I can think of is the dear immortal words of my lovely step-dtr...."what have I done, sweet Jesus, what have I done?" Just remember those tears running down your face are tears of joy! mine...not so much.


Christine said...

You are crazy, woman! HA!

inkgypsy said...

who MEEEE???? not according to the last doctors appt. LOL!