Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas singles

Here are some of the singles that are on display (sigh!) at the library. This is the Christmas fiber that my friend Mallory gave me. It's named Carnival--merino/bfl/silk/angelina glitz. I can't wait to get it plyed. No plans for it yet, I will apply it to the ASJ stash and see what I am up yardage wise.


Mal Pal said...

yay fiber

Christine said...

It's gorgeous! Do you do most of your spinning by spindle? Amazing. I've just started spinning and can't seem to get enough! I'm saving and destashing to be able to get a wheel this spring hopefully!

I'd love to see the display, don't think we'll be out in western ks for a while, though. How long do you think it'll be up?

inkgypsy said...

It should be up until the middle or end of March. I hope to get photos later today and get them posted. I am more consistant with a drop spindle than a wheel but I can do both. I am giving a demo on March 21st at the library for those interested. I will post the time after it is confirmed. Thanks for posting the helmet liner on your site too...I HAVE to make one for Garet now...lol.