Tuesday, September 8, 2009

long holiday

Well today I am playing catch up. Mostly catch up on laundry, dishes, gardening, and mail. I have a church retreat this weekend so I thought I would take a few things along. Maybe my lace stole, or the new rovings I dyed up this morning, but in all honesty I will more than likely take the new roving I just bought from my friend the treasure goddess (formerly knitting virgin). I just love the way it spins,(merino is my friend..lol). Here is the stocking hat I have just finished, yeah its sock yarn on a size 5 (wth was I thinking?).The roving may not make it to the weekend - kind of like american honey wild turkey, its too smooth -oy its gonna be a long night...lol!


Christine said...

OH you've got some pretty fiber in those photos. How do you ever leave the house? I'd just want to spin all day & night!

Thanks for showing my fiber. SO glad you like it!

BTW, that's a gorgeous top photo on your blog. I just love photos of singles on bobbins. I need to take more of my own. I always get spinning and find it hard to take a break!

Knitlark said...

OHHHhhhhh. These are gorgeous pictures. Makes me want to stop work and touch yarn and fiber.