Friday, October 9, 2009

WH needs to come home!!

WH seriously needs to come home and clean the furnace.....I was good last week when it froze the garden out on Oct.1 but when I had to scrap ice this morning it was not as pretty. I told him I was gonna light the pilot light on the furnace and turn it on and he replied...."noooo gurl, let me clean it out first, i wanna vacuum it out" (aaarrgghhhh!!!). If he wasnt so dang cute in a do-rag and overalls!!! Oh well, in order to complain about this in here i told myself it would have to include yarn, does the twelve bags of roving and fiber I tucked in the bed with me to make a nest last night count???? if he doesnt make it home tonight all bets with the plastic and LYS are off!!! (evil laughter goes here!!!!).oy!

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