Wednesday, October 21, 2009

snow day!!!

Tomorrow they are calling for nearly 4 inches of the fluffy stuff in my part of the state. Good thing I have the day off, bad thing is I am hunting for DD a new (used) car, and the really bad news is as of a mishap on my way to lunch I am looking for ME a new car now too....bankers love me!!! The only thing this really means is during our upcoming trip to Arizona to see the youngest DSS I will have to behave with the fiber fundage. Gotta luv WH!!! Since all of that was the bad news here is the best news yet...I have been making my YO backward for years. NOW that I know better I have started 4 lace projects...LOL!!! It's a good thing something in life is going right for me otherwise I have asked the bosses permission to line my desktop with a collection of lil bottles of alcohol from the liquor store next door. was either that or pin his remote to the far wall of the office with a #11 knitting needle. The choice was his...LOL!!!

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Christine said...

HA! I've not tried that tactic with my boss, will have to threaten to bring in bottles too. :)

Stay warm and good luck with the cars. HATE spending good money that could go to YARN or FIBER on vehicles. Dangit!