Tuesday, December 6, 2011

frozen tuesday

Today should be cause for celebration....its one of my only days off of work! However I find myself torn between projects. My sister in laws prayer shawl, my mothers socks, my friends repair of a sweater her deceased mother left her, my seamless yoke sweater out of handspuns, or beginning my first PI shawl. I could just spin or shovel snow, or when worse comes to worse do housework. (ugh!) decisions decisions. In the midst of all of those wonderful projects I am stuck. Knowing that at 3:15am my alarm is going to go off and I will once again be in the lovely world of inventory control and shipping & recieving. OY!
I have however finished and have been wearing the lovely chocolate colored pullover I knit outta of nature-spun yarn this past two weeks. It is quite warm and comfy. This is one of the things that keeps me knitting, warm sweaters and socks...lol. Its too late to start a mitten advent calendar out of my leftover sock yarn but I could always start on it for next year....hmmmm....decisions decisions....!!!
Before you think I am hopelessly lost and confused I have one question for you....
How many of you are done with your Christmas gifts?

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