Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another one bites the dust!

finally finished the peachy socks! And spent yesterday outside dyeing a few things. There are four of the photos that were a pound of corriedale from yarn school that I had originally dyed yellow and pink that I overdyed in 4oz balls. One was done with chartreuse, one in turquiose, one in deep orange and the last (my personal favorite) chestnut. I also did about 800yds of merino. Tonight I have plans to finish the blue sleeve on the last sweater I have been doing. Then its down to just one thing on needles, one on the hook and two in the repair basket...must be slippin in my old!!

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Christine said...

Chestnut's my favorite of those too, but DANG those are all beautiful! Such fun. Can't wait to get dying again. Been waiting for nice weather and now here it is! I don't have an excuse any longer. I need to have a clothesline full of dyed fiber too! OOOOOhhhhh those are purty!