Monday, February 7, 2011

hope this is good enough

here ya go!!! the first one is a garter stitch ultra alpaca...number two is a pattern called fairhope but I crocheted it instead of knit it in rowans lima third is the blue cascade heathers and is crocheted in single rib thru back loop and done vertically, and the last one is a cascade 220 color that escapes me but the bottom was a knit cowl in k6rows, p6rows, until 20" long I just turned in on its side added a lil single crochet and tada!!! hope this helps! oh and just in case it gets added on this post I have started a queen anne scarf and another baby jacket and am winging them as I (WH says flap those wings birdbrain flap those wings!!! do ya think he would be offended if I laid out birdseed on his dinner plate tonight?)


inkgypsy said...

okay so they lined up backward....oy! the ultra alpaca is charcoal the lima is deep purple, the cascade is a cobalt heather blue and the other cascade is a combo of pink, coral, lime, and purple. the scarf is a fiesta or a schaffer i am thinking a schaffer but named fiesta and the baby jacket is panda cottons painted iris. toodles!!

Christine said...

holy crap woman! Serious sweater knitting & crocheting! GORGEOUS. I could totally run away with that first (or last ha) alpaca sweater, but I'd probably just burst into flames. I get overheated wearing alpaca if there's sleeves. :)

I really like the scarf too! Keep those fingers going and bird wings flapping! ha!

raining sheep said...

Thank you for your lovely words on my blog. I love that second pic - the gorgeous crochet piece. I also love your last picture - the sweater. I am not making anything right now because I have so much work and schoolwork. I have no life :( However, at the end of February I am taking an artisanal baking course at the local polytechnic. I cannot wait. I love baking bread.