Monday, February 21, 2011

productive weekend

Had awesome weather and awesome friends over this weekend. My friend Mallory stopped in and we knit on Friday until we woke WH He kept falling asleep in his rocker...need I say more? Made a little progress on the blue sweater and began an ankle sock out of Opal sock yarn in the lizard colorway using the Yarn Harlots basic sock pattern only I got near the end of the kitchner stitch and four things happened. 1) I dropped a stitch too soon.(breath deep). 2) After picking up said dropped stitch I twisted it.(sigh) 3) Went to tighten said stitch and broke it.(whimper) and 4) tried it on only to realize it was way too long. (hysterical insane laughter). I tore it out a fifth time clear back to 20st instead of 16 and gathered all together and taadah a sock that fits nicely. (granted and extra hour outta my weekend but hey maybe I should've got the hint the first time...."well i sent a car, boat and a helicopter"--LOLOLOL!!!) I may be slow but I eventually get the hint! Thanks for not striking me dead with lightening or drowning me. (sigh!).

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Christine said...

They're bright and cheerful! They look like spring. :) I HATE having to reknit socks. UGH.